Western Clearing Corporation

About Us

Western Clearing Corp, LLC, a Nevada LLC, is a private company founded in 1998 with offices in Federal Way, WA. Since its founding, Western Clearing Corp (WCC) has evolved to become a multi-service Electronic Funds Transfer organization. From credit/debit cards to ACH and Check 21, the WebCheckExpress platform run by Western Clearing is robust enough to handle nearly all forms of transactions used in today’s fast paced economy. Its operating platform, WebCheckExpress is fully automated, secure, and redundant with many unique features that make it a leader in the transaction community.
With multiple servers at multiple locations, Western Clearing has a strong, secure system compatible with nearly every merchant’s requirements. Western Clearing Corp has processed over $2,000,000,000 in transactions in 2007 and anticipates rapid increases throughout the decade due to automation and reporting capabilities.
Key components include:
  1. Fully Secure Class A Data Center
  2. Fiber Optic hard line connections
  3. Remote storage capabilities
  4. End to end encryption
  5. API software available with easy integration
  6. Full merchant reporting
  7. Plug and play connectivity to Canon and Magtek imagers
  8. Coupon/stub compatibility
  9. Direct connections to banks
Other services include:
  1. Verification
  2. Credit/Debit cards
  3. Image storage
  4. ACH file upload
  5. POS and ARC/BOARC check conversion
  6. Web-based payment processing
WCC has experienced customer service personnel and a technical staff capable of interacting with its clients. As a small company, WCC can and does provide customization for the clients needs that is unsurpassed in the transaction industry.
The client base at Western Clearing consists of a wide variety of merchants - from states, municipalities, and Fortune 500 companies to small merchants throughout the United States. With such a broad spectrum of services, Western Clearing is confident in servicing a variety of clients through its full automated platform, WebCheckExpress.